August 2014 Iowa Right to Life News

IRTL News August 2014

  • – How much do the top dogs at Planned Parenthood in Iowa make?
  • – That other big bike ride Hitting the road with Biking for Babies
  • – Planned Parenthood closes two more in Iowa Stops webcam abortions in three more locations
  • – PPH’s replacement for Jill June shows it’s still about the money
  • – The Hobby Lobby case What 20 types of birth control are we forced to fund?
  • – Reporter’s hateful tweet Can this DM Register reporter cover the GOP and be fair?
  • – Who’s extreme? Turning the tables in the abortion debate 
  • – Are webcam abortions killing Planned Parenthood? Timeline of closings, mergers and other events.
  • – Not sure whether to laugh or cry. . .so we’ll laugh  IRTL’s not-so-serious side.  Biggest Baby Shower Ever
  • – Events coming up Come see us at the Iowa State Fair in the Varied Industries building!
  • – What are Ella and Plan B?