LeroyCarhart2Do you remember way back to late 2010 when late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, announced he was moving his practice into Council Bluffs, Iowa?

And we went to work–feverishly and unrelentingly–alongside our friends in Council Bluffs to keep him OUT?

We battled him on the City Council level, the legislative level, the educational outreach level–you name it, we all worked HARD.  (Our January 2011 newsletter covers some of that here.)

Well, since that time Mr. Carhart has had posted on his website “Coming soon to Southwest Iowa.  Donate now…”

Like an ominous cloud over our State, we kept the pressure on to keep Carhart out.

Guess what?!  In recent days, Iowa is GONE from his website.  He remains in Nebraska and Maryland.  But we WON!   LeRoy Carhart is not moving into Iowa!!!

Thank YOU for your hard work and prayers to make this possible.  Now you know why I just couldn’t wait to share the AMAZING news with you.

To God alone be the Glory!!

Jenifer Bowen
Executive Director
Iowa Right to Life