At Rest Memorial


January 22, 2017, will mark the 44th year of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision. On that day we began a long battle for the lives of the unborn and to get the moral compass of our state and country back on track.  Iowa as a “First in Nation” state is used to leading by example. We are asking you to stand up and show our moral fiber again.

Since 1973, well over 300,000 precious human lives have been ended in Iowa alone. (To put that in perspective, Arlington Cemetery has 400,000 people buried since the Civil War) and that is a sin in God’s eyes. But what should also be equally offensive is that these tiny lives have become statistics, whose final resting place was a garbage can, lab jar or sewage system. We believe it is a moral imperative that each of these children that were aborted must be recognized and memorialized so that people in the great state of Iowa and all over the world feel the weight of what we have done.

For these reasons, Iowa Right to Life has started the “At Rest Memorial Project” with the goal of creating 4 memorial parks in different parts of the state, with individual crosses for each of the lives that we have lost.  The crosses will be stainless steel approximately 3’ in height and 2’ across.  They will be powder coated for protection and will have guaranteed lifetime replacement, and each cross can have a message up to 17 characters for no additional charge. On completion of each cross, you are notified and given an assigned ID number so the cross may be found on the grounds.

With a donation of $50 per cross, we can show Iowa, the nation and the world that you cannot throw lives away.

Reasons to participate:

● Each cross will memorialize one of the unborn children lost in Iowa.

● To help create a place of healing for those who need to find forgiveness for themselves or others.

● The donation is tax-deductible.

● For each 10,000 crosses donated, 5 grants of up to $10,000 each will be given to Iowa Pro-life women’s clinics for their special projects.

● Because Iowans recognize the value of family, faith, and honoring LIFE even if that life was taken before reaching their true potential.

● And most important, to remind us of the moral implications of our decisions.


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