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  • Euthanasia

    “Euthanasia is the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit.” (Source: National Right to Life Committee) In This Section: • Terri’s Story • The Euthanasia Movement • Types of Euthanasia • Living Wills • Iowa’s Futile Care Law • What You Can Do Terri’s Story […]

  • Stem Cell Research

    Growing Ethical Stem Cell Research in IowaA stem cell researcher right here in Iowa is proving that advances in adult stem cell research are both ethical and advantageous. Dr. Alan Moy, MD, is founder of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute (JP2SRI), which focuses on adult and cord blood research and education. JP2SRI’s [...]

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD’s)

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), also called “Sexually Transmitted Infections” (STIs) are diseases that spread through person to person contact. The danger of STDs, is that many do not show symptoms. Left untreated, they can have long-term complications. For example, symptoms from syphilis may disappear, but syphilis remains in the body and can cause damage to […]

  • Sex Education

    Abstinence EducationAbstinence Education: Assessing the Evidence An evaluation of current Abstinence Education programs from The Heritage Foundation April 22, 2008 By Christine Kim and Robert E. Rector Teen sexual activity remains a widespread problem confronting the nation. Each year, some 2.6 million teenagers become sexually active—a rate of 7,000 teens per day.[1] Among high school students, [...]

  • Political Elections

    Pastor’s Rights – Political “Do’s and Don’ts”Before each election, an extremist organization representing liberal leaning churches in Iowa sends out a letter to intimidate pastors in Iowa and keep them from speaking out about moral issues facing voters. To help pastors find their voice without worry of losing their church’s tax exempt status, we are printing [...]

  • Planned Parenthood

    Fight Planned ParenthoodIt sometimes seems like an uphill battle when Planned Parenthood has a wealth of resources, celebrity spokespersons and often the media on their side. But there are people who have fought Planned Parenthood and won. Here are some suggestions on how to take action Planned Parenthood along with some examples of people like [...]

  • Legislation

    Contact LegislatorsGet to know your representatives on the local, state and federal level. The anti-life forces have a great deal of money and resources on their side for phoning, mailing and emailing your legislators – even employing celebrities from out of state to contact Iowa state legislators. U.S. Senators U.S. Congressmen Iowa Governor Iowa Lieutenant [...]

  • Birth Control

    Birth Control / ContraceptivesHave you ever noticed that multi-million dollar advertising campaigns for the birth control pill put more emphasis on the theory that it clears up acne than its real purpose? How many women would take a drug to treat acne, if the possible side affects were weight gain, depression, increased irritability, reduced sexual [...]

  • Adoption

    AdoptionThe gift of life is a gift of love. If you are pregnant and feel like you are not ready to care for a child, you have a unique opportunity to give the gift of life to a couple not able to have a child on their own. What is adoption? Adoption is a legal [...]

  • Abortion

    Abortion DebateWhat is the pro-life response to abortionists’ arguments? Learn how to debate pro-abortion arguments with ease. (Source: National Right to Life Committee – Pro-abortion advocates consistently rely on the same arguments they have used for decades. What follows are these arguments broken down into their 5 basic forms, and the corresponding pro-life answer to [...]