• Abortion Debate

    What is the pro-life response to abortionists’ arguments? Learn how to debate pro-abortion arguments with ease. (Source: National Right to Life Committee – www.nrlc.com) Pro-abortion advocates consistently rely on the same arguments they have used for decades. What follows are these arguments broken down into their 5 basic forms, and the corresponding pro-life answer to these […]

  • Abortion Methods

    To understand the abortion issue, it is important to understand abortion methods and the dangers. The abortion methods are divided into two sections: First Trimester (Months 1-3 / Weeks 1-12) Second and Third Trimesters (Months 4-9 / Weeks 13-36) These two sections are further subdivided into: Chemical or “Medication” Abortions – the mother swallows pills […]

  • Abortion Statistics

    If you are writing a letter to the editor, preparing a project for school, giving a presentation, speaking out at a community forum, or just having a friendly conversation with your neighbor, it is nice to have statistics to cite. Here are a few that might be helpful: Iowa Abortion Statistics (Source: Iowa Vital Statistics from […]

  • Breast Cancer Link

    New scientific evidence shows that the increase in abortions world-wide has caused a sharp increase in breast cancer. Over twenty studies have confirmed that women who abort their first pregnancy have a much higher risk of developing cancer. Does Abortion Cause Breast Cancer? The Findings: Abortion interrupts natural changes in the breast Studies show an […]

  • Medication Abortion / RU 486

    In This Section: What is a Medication Abortion? What is RU 486? More Profitable for Planned Parenthood, More Dangerous for Women Medication Abortion Deaths in the United States History of RU 486 RU 486 in Iowa What is a Medication Abortion? What is RU 486? A medication abortion, also known as a chemical abortion, abortion […]

  • Morning After Pill

    Emergency Contraception, also known as “The Morning After Pill,” or by brand names “Plan B” and “Previn,” is essentially a high dosage of the hormone found in The Pill, containing either progestin alone or progestin plus estrogen. It is administered within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. Emergency Contraception Causes Abortions Planned Parenthood and other advocates […]

  • Post Abortion Syndrome

    By the age of 45, 1 out of every 2.5 women in the United States have had one abortion. (Source: pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute.) The Psychological Effects of Abortion (Excerpt from the Elliot Institute’s article: The Aftereffects of Abortion) Abortion proponents continue to mislead the public that abortion is a women’s “choice.” Sadly, most women […]

  • Ultrasound

    Many abortion clinics are equipped with ultrasound equipment. They need it to measure the age of the child, before performing an abortion. But abortion providers do not allow pregnant women access to these images. Why? The proof is in the picture. What The Abortion Industry Doesn’t Want You to See:     Baby in the […]