Stem Cell Research

  • Growing Ethical Stem Cell Research in Iowa

    A stem cell researcher right here in Iowa is proving that advances in adult stem cell research are both ethical and advantageous. Dr. Alan Moy, MD, is founder of the John Paul II Stem Cell Research Institute (JP2SRI), which focuses on adult and cord blood research and education. JP2SRI’s mission is to advance research and […]

  • Human Cloning in Iowa

    Advocates of cloning and embryonic stem cell research often try to intimidate pro-lifers by tossing around scientific terms mixed with pseudo-scientific terms. Bioethics expert, attorney and author Wesley J. Smith provides terms and definitions you should be familiar with so that does not happen. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) This is the scientific term for […]

  • Resources on Stem Cell Research

    Iowa Right to Life Committee agrees that adult stem cell research is a wonderful blessing. But embryonic stem cell research is not. We fully support research using adult stem cells, which is already benefiting 73 diseases. Our opposition to embryonic stem cell research is both moral and practical. From the moral aspect, it will turn […]