Rhonda Phillips


Iowa Right to Life Board Member Rhonda Phillips

Rhonda Phillips was given her “Master’s Decree” and called to defend the Right to Life at a very early age. However, for many reasons, most of them unmerited, she resisted that call until 2005 when she contacted Iowa Right to Life and began work as a volunteer.  In 2006, she and the former Iowa Right to Life director conceived the idea of holding a Pro-Life book sale.  With the Board’s blessings, Rhonda was hired to work as the Book Sale Coordinator.  In that capacity, she joyfully labored alongside over a hundred volunteers, heading up a total of fourteen book sales, which garnered a half of a million dollars in sales within an eight year span.  Proceeds were earmarked to be divided among various Pro-Life organizations within the state of Iowa.  In 2013, it was unanimously decided by the Board and Rhonda to suspend the book sale.  A year later, Rhonda retired from Iowa Right to Life in order to care for her elderly mother.  She was elected to the board in 2015.

Rhonda’s work career was varied. She worked at Amoco Credit Card Co eight years, then later successfully ran an in-home daycare for nine years, a cleaning business for seven years, was a restaurant manager for two years, and drove a truck for a mailing business two years before working at Iowa Right to Life.

Rhonda and her husband Denny live on her grandparent’s century old farm 45 miles south of Des Moines, where she enjoys landscaping and maintaining fourteen gardens.  She has three grown children and twelve grandchildren to whom she lavishes attention knowing that an abundance of “good granny” time is clearly a shared blessing.

When asked when she became Pro-Life Rhonda states, “There has never been a time in my life when I didn’t know that what was in the womb was a human baby and therefore entitled to protection and the right to life.” Rhonda continues to enjoy the opportunity to serve as a volunteer at the Iowa Right to Life State Fair Booth and various other capacities where her help is needed. She is also active on social media and doesn’t shrink from posting educational Pro-Life material in the hopes of changing minds.  Last but certainly not least, she is the Pro-Life point person for her church in Urbandale.

“I will never stop, never retire, will stand up, shout out and do my best to defend the right to life from cradle to grave until the Lord calls me home.”