2018 Pro-Life Candidates

Iowa Right to Life is happy to provide you with this list of pro-life candidates. We hope you will strongly consider supporting them with your vote and in any other way possible.  All of these candidates have favorably responded to our recent pro-life questionnaire and/or have demonstrated their pro-life stance by supporting the “Heartbeat” bill that was passed by the Iowa Legislature this spring.

*Denotes candidates evaluated using only questionnaire

In cases where more than one candidate is listed, candidates are in alphabetical order of their last names.


United States House of Representatives:

1st Congressional: Rod Blum

3rd Congressional: Joe Grandanette*, David Young

4th Congressional: Steve King


Iowa Governor & Lieutenant Governor:

Kim Reynolds & Adam Gregg


State Treasurer:

Jeremy Davis*


Secretary of Agriculture:

Mike Naig*


Iowa State Senate:

District 01: Zach Whiting*

District 03: Jim Carlin

District 05: Tim Kraayenbrink

District 07: Rick Bertrand

District 09: Jason Schultz

District 11: Tom Shipley

District 13: Julian Garrett

District 15: Zach Nunn

District 19: Jack Whitver

District 21: Brian Bales*

District 25: Annette Sweeney

District 43: Patrick Wronkiewicz*

District 47: Roby Smith


Iowa House of Representatives:

District 01: John Wills

District 02: Megan Jones

District 03: Dan Huseman

District 04: Skyler Wheeler

District 06: Jacob Bossman

District 07: Tedd Gassman

District 08: Terry Baxter

District 10: Mike Sexton

District 11: Gary Worthan

District 12: Brian Best

District 16: Mary Ann Hanusa

District 17: Matt Windschitl

District 18: Steven Holt

District 19: Chris Hagenow

District 21: Tom Moore

District 22: Jon Jacobsen

District 23: David Sieck

District 24: Cecil Dolecheck

District 25: Stan Gustafson

District 26: Rebel Snodgrass*

District 27: Joel Fry

District 28: Jon Thorup*

District 29: Ann Howell*

District 30: Brian Lohse*

District 32: William Charlier

District 33: Gregory Malone*

District 37: John Landon

District 38: Kevin Koester

District 39: Jake Highfill

District 42: Peter Cownie

District 48: Rob Bacon

District 49: Dave Deyoe

District 50: Pat Grassley

District 54: Linda Upmeyer

District 55: Michael Bergan

District 56: Anne Osmundson*

District 57: Shannon Lundgren

District 60: Walt Rogers

District 63: Sandy Salmon

District 66: Teresa Daubitz*

District 67: Ashley Hinson

District 72: Dean Fisher

District 73: Bobby Kaufmann

District 75: Thomas Gerhold*, John George*

District 78: Jarad Klein

District 80: Holly Brink*

District 82: Jeffrey Shipley*

District 88: David Kerr

District 91: Gary Carlson

District 92: Ross Paustian

District 94: Gary Mohr

District 97: Norlin Mommsen

District 99: Pauline Chilton*