About IRTL

Iowa Right to Life is the largest pro-life organization in the state of Iowa.

It is our mission to encompass within the protection of our laws all human life, born and unborn, at all stages of biological development from fertilization to natural death. We join with each other in this common objective in the shared belief that every human life has inherent value and is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect without regard to age, health, sex, mental or physical limitations, condition of dependency, circumstances of birth or economic circumstances.

We are further committed to fostering and promoting public support for responsible life affirming alternatives to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We will oppose any policies, practices or procedures that dehumanize or otherwise marginalize any category of human life specifically including medically vulnerable persons such as infants, the elderly, the disabled and those suffering from chronic or terminal illness.

We are committed to obtaining the aforementioned objectives by lawful activity including educational, legislative, advocacy and political action.

Fighting for Women

Hand in hand with a variety of organizations across the state, Iowa Right to Life has been fighting for women in the wake of the 1973 Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court case, providing information on resources available in Iowa for women who are considering abortion and resources on healing and comfort for women who suffer from post abortion syndrome.

Women are often pressured into having abortions – because they don’t have the financial resources; because an abusive person in their life said so; because they struggle with health problems or addictions; because they don’t have any place or anyone to turn to.

Thousands of women and their babies have been saved by Iowans who generously reached out to pregnant women in crisis. Services available include financial assistance, pre- and post-natal health care, a safe place to stay, child care, and counseling, to name a few. There are resources out there and there are people who care. For more info, visit our Help, I’m Pregnant section.

Take Action

Iowa Right to Life also fights vigorously against anti-life extremists who continue to threaten our lives and our basic rights in the legislature, the courts – even in our schools. And over the years, the threats to the sanctity of life have increased, including more dangerous forms of abortion; the euthanizing of the disabled and elderly; the use of human embryos for experimentation and cloning, and more. Learn more about these issues in our Get the Facts section.

Through grass roots lobbying, educational efforts and public-awareness programs, Iowa Right to Life has been on the front lines, working with thousands of Pro-lifers across Iowa to promote the value of human life. Throughout the nation, and certainly here in Iowa, there is a new energy from the increasing numbers of young adults and teens active in the movement.

But there is much to be done. And there are many exciting ways for you to get involved and donate your time, talents and resources to the cause of life. Find out how to Get Involved.

Join us. We are a diverse group united in our value for human life and the common belief in each individual’s fundamental right to be treated with dignity and respect. Together, we can make a difference. Your life and the lives of our fellow-Iowans are precious and worth fighting for.