Planned Parenthood Shields Sexual Predators

Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are “mandated reporters.”

They are required by law in all 50 states to notify the police with suspected cases of sexual abuse of minors. Evidence shows Planned Parenthood is shielding statutory rapists from the law.

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• Planned Parenthood Caters to Statutory Rapists Here in Iowa

• More Evidence of Planned Parenthood’s Cover Ups

• Planned Parenthood Distributes Morning After Pills to Men

• Planned Parenthood Caters to Statutory Rapists Here in Iowa

Life Dynamics did a study in 2002, calling 800 abortion clinics across the country, including all Planned Parenthood clinics, posing as a 13-year-old pregnant by her 22 year-old boyfriend – clearly, a case of statutory rape. Out of 800 cases – 90 percent of the time – the abortion clinics acknowledged the illegality of the caller’s sexual relationship then agreed to conceal it.Life Dynamics has them all on tape.

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Iowa City went one step further, by telling the 13-year-old, “you will pay cash for this if you have this abortion, and there is no paper trail.”


More Evidence

Planned Parenthood Covers Up Rape and Incest in Ohio

Lawsuits have been filed against Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati, OH, for two separate cases where Planned Parenthood ignored Ohio law and did not report crimes against young girls. A 16 year-old was forced by her father to have an abortion at Planned Parenthood in Cincinnati. The teen told Planned Parenthood employees she was pregnant with her father’s child and he had been raping her for years. In the suit, filed May 9, 2007, the girl said Planned Parenthood did not report the crime to authorities and as a result, she was abused for an additional year and a half.

Planned Parenthood Covers for Statutory Rapist in Ohio

Parents of a 13 year-old girl taken by her 21 year-old boyfriend Planned Parenthood clinic in Cincinnati, OH for an abortion on March 30, 2004, charged that Planned Parenthood ignored Ohio’s parental consent law requiring one parent to give permission before performing an abortion on a minor child and also did not report the statutory rape to authorities. Thanks to the court case, the 21 year-old went to jail. Planned Parenthood has appealed a decision by the judge requiring them produce redacted records of abortions on other minors.

Planned Parenthood Exposed by UCLA Student

Lila Rose, 18, a journalism student at UCLA exposed Planned Parenthood in an undercover investigation using a hidden camera. Rose posed as a 15 year-old, pregnant by her 23 year-old boyfriend. Instead of reporting the crime of statutory rape to authorities, Rose was told by Planned Parenthood employees to “figure out a birth date that works.” Planned Parenthood responded by threatening a lawsuit against Rose, to turn over the tapes, claiming they were a private conversation recorded without Planned Parenthood’s permission, in violation of California’s Invasion of Privacy Law.

Planned Parenthood Hides Runaway’s Sexual Assault in Connecticut

Danielle Cramer, a 15 year-old runaway was discovered distraught and crying by police in West Hartford, Connecticut, in a storage space under the stairs, with a door blocked by a dresser in the home of a 41 year-old Adam P. Gault on June 6, 2007. Cramer had been missing from her home in Bloomfield for almost a year. Danielle’s friends told authorities that prior to her disappearance, Danielle told them she and Gault were in a relationship and were having sex. Police detectives on the case said that Cramer had recently had an abortion at Planned Parenthood’s West Hartford location. Planned Parenthood never reported the crime.

“Any time an underage girl walks into a contraceptive or abortion clinic, health care workers should be concerned. Almost 70 percent of teen pregnancies are fathered by adult men.” According to a Fact Sheet by author and sexual ethics expert Angela Franks. “That means that a lot of potential cases of statutory rape and child abuse should be reported by Planned Parenthood.” (More info at:


Planned Parenthood Distributes Free Morning-After Pills to Men

Changing the birth dates of minors is not the only way Planned Parenthood supports statutory rapists. It also makes Free Morning-After Pills available to them.

The Morning After Pill (also known as “Emergency Contraception” or “Plan B”) can cause an abortion by preventing the implantation of a conceived child. Planned Parenthood withholds this fact from women, by claiming that pregnancy begins with implantation, not conception.

One of the biggest fears of the Morning-After Pill is that men would slip the drug to women without their knowledge or consent to cause them to abort and that statutory rapists would use it to cover their crimes.

Despite this, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa distributed 1,000 free Morning-After Pill doses from 15 locations across Iowa, to both men as well as women on “Free EC Day” December 6, 2006. In her explanation of why they provided these pills to men, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa CEO Jill June told RadioIowa: “Sometimes my husband goes to the drugstore for me to pick up medication or cough syrup over the counter.”

That statement provides little comfort to victims of abuse in the state of Iowa.

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