Fight Planned Parenthood

It sometimes seems like an uphill battle when Planned Parenthood has a wealth of resources, celebrity spokespersons and often the media on their side. But there are people who have fought Planned Parenthood and won.

Here are some suggestions on how to take action Planned Parenthood along with some examples of people like you who have had success.

Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funding

Boycott businesses that fund or assist Planned Parenthood.

A boycott is useless unless you write to the businesses and tell them why you are boycotting them.

• Persuade friends to write letters.

• Tell your local talk radio station you are organizing a boycott.

• Present fact sheets on Planned Parenthood’s abortion statistics and deceptive practices.

• Find out if your local United Way supports Planned Parenthood and organize a campaign to remove Planned Parenthood from their funded organizations.

For a list of people and foundations supporting Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa and the businesses behind them, see our Planned Parenthood Supporters section.

Look at Planned Parenthood fundraisers – try to talk venue owners, stakeholders and sponsors out of supporting Planned Parenthood.

• If not for the current fund raiser, then future fund raisers.

• Try and visit venue owners and sponsors in person.

• Be courteous and tactful. Do not make angry demands: Say you and your friends would like to support the business, but cannot in conscience support businesses that fund Planned Parenthood.

• Present fact sheets on Planned Parenthood’s abortion statistics and deceptive practices.

Confront businesses that include Planned Parenthood in employee contribution and matching donation plans.

• Try to meet with corporate heads, board members or public relations officials.

• Present fact sheets on Planned Parenthood’s abortion statistics and deceptive practices.

• Talk to them about funding life-affirming alternatives, like crisis pregnancy centers.


Report Planned Parenthood Crime

Planned Parenthood has a history of covering up statutory rape and incest cases. If you know someone who is a victim of Planned Parenthood, encourage them to come forward.

Support victims of Planned Parenthood and encourage them to speak out.

• Report criminal wrongdoing by Planned Parenthood to:

– Police

-Local county prosecutors

-State attorney general

• Follow up on complaints with local prosecutors and your attorney general demanding that Planned Parenthood be prosecuted.

Get the facts on Post Abortion Syndrome and organizations that can help.


Kick Planned Parenthood Out of Your Schools

Meet with the school board, the school principal and other administrators.

• Gather a group of like-minded parents to take part.

• Insist on the following:

– No Planned Parenthood speakers at your schools.

– No counselors or administrators transporting students to Planned Parenthood without knowledge of the parents.

– No Planned Parenthood condoms or “safer sex kits” handed out at school.

– No distribution of Planned Parenthood products or literature through the school nurse’s office or counselors.

• Show examples of Planned Parenthood’s medically inaccurate info, promotion of child sexual activity and cover-up for sexual predators.

Be vigilant of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in youth activities at local organizations like the Girl Scouts or YWCA.


Get Planned Parenthood Out of Your Community

Circulate Petitions Against Planned Parenthood in Your Community

• Get as many signatures as possible.

• Avoid email petitions that just have an email and no identifying contact info.

• Inform the media of petition drive.

Peaceful demonstrations are very effective if you can get a good turnout. Understand local laws about where and how you can demonstrate and if you need a permit.

Prayer vigils – besides the benefits of divine intervention, also promote community and peace.

Investigate local zoning ordinances to see if Planned Parenthood is breaking any zoning laws.

Write letters to the editor – Tips on writing letters to the editor (link to “Write a letter to the editor).


Fight Planned Parenthood in the Media

Write letters to the editor challenging Planned Parenthood editorials and articles.

Tips on Writing Letters to the Editor

Call into talk-radio stations

• Talk about Planned Parenthood’s medically inaccurate info.

• Expose how Planned Parenthood covers up for statutory rapists and other criminals.

• Stay up to date with Iowa Right to Life’s legislative alerts, action alerts, events and other news.

Raise money and signatures for anti-Planned Parenthood signature ads in local newspapers. Signature ads can be very effective if you can get a large number of names, including prominent people in your community.


Work to Elect Pro-Life Officials

Support pro-life politicians in local and federal elections. Volunteer to work on political campaigns. It’s a great way to network and meet other like-minded people. And it’s fun!

Research the backgrounds of candidates for judge, sheriff, school board and other local officials. Ask candidates directly in public forums and in writing about their stands on political issues.

Participate in your Iowa caucuses, the straw poll and other grassroots efforts.

Run for office and encourage other potential candidates to run for office. There are people who would be great for political office, who have never considered it before. Even candidates who lose can create awareness for the issues.


Create Pro-Life Clubs to Discuss Issues and Strategies

Host political “coffees” where you get together with friends and discuss pro-life strategy in your area.

Start a pro-life book club that reads and discusses pro-life or life-affirming books.

Organize a Pro-Life Breakfast Club, Lunch Club or Dinner Club to discuss local issues and pro-life strategies.


Support Iowa Right to Life

When you are tired of fighting, Iowa Right to Life fights on. Your dollars help to fund our lobbying efforts at the Iowa Capitol and in Washington D.C. Your contributions fund our advertising, educational materials, posters and political action and more.

Iowa Right to Life’s mission is to restore the value of human life and to protect the weak, the infirm, and the unborn from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death. We believe that every person is valuable

Your gift will help support the important work that we do for life on behalf of the most vulnerable among us.

More on How to Support Iowa Right to Life


Success Stories

You can fight Planned Parenthood and win. These people did:

•  Danze, a local concrete contractor in Austin, Texas convinced his fellow contractors to say no to building a $6.2 million Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in 2003. The builder Planned Parenthood originally hired, quit the job. Construction on the clinic was delayed for months, costing Planned Parenthood a great deal of money. “The point is – if it can work here, it’ll work anywhere,” Danze told CNSNews.

• A regional Planned Parenthood held an information meeting in Morgantown, West Virginia in June 2005 to discuss the possibility of opening an abortion clinic there. Within two months, a group of concerned citizens formed a group with over 750 members called, “Planned Parenthood Hurts Girls,” to educate the community on how Planned Parenthood hurts girls by pushing abortion and unhealthy sexual education, while opposing parental involvement. Planned Parenthood still does not have a clinic in Morgantown.

• Thanks to Rep. Therese Sander, a state representative from Moberley, Missouri, that state passed a law in the spring of 2007 requiring any abortion clinics performing second or third trimester abortions to meet the same standards as an ambulatory surgical center. The law would prevent Planned Parenthood from performing abortions in Columbia, Missouri, home to the state’s largest university, the University of Missouri. In addition, the law prevents abortion clinic speakers from teaching sex ed in most schools.

• In June of 2007, the YMCA in Manchester, New Hampshire took students in an “at risk youth” after-school program on a field trip to Planned Parenthood – without their parents’ knowledge. Pro-Life demonstrators outside Planned Parenthood talked to some of the students and reported it to local school district officials. Manchester School District officials investigated, the YMCA president and CEO apologized and the YMCA’s community outreach director was forced to resign.