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Birth Mother

Loving and Caring Life-Affirming Resources

Adoption Quotes

Post Abortion Healing

Restored By Grace

Hope After Abortion

Rachel’s Vineyard Ministries

Silent No More

Sisters of Life

Pregnancy Help Center

See our section on Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Equipping Youth

Medical Information/Breast Cancer Medical Risks

Coalition on Abortion / Breast Cancer

Profession-Specific Pro-Life

American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists

John Paul II Medical Research Institute

Life Athletes

Nurses for Life

Pharmacists for Life International

Physicians for Life

Priests for Life

Seminarians for Life

Sisters of Life

Teachers Saving Children

College Students

Iowa State University Students for Life

Students for Life of America

Pro-Life Youth

Teen Breaks


Rock for Life (American Life League)

Generations for Life

Other Activist Pro-Life Groups

American Center for Law and Justice

American Family Association

Concerned Women for America

Democrats for Life

Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly)

Family Research Council

Feminists for Life

Focus on the Family

Human Life International

Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN)

Libertarians for Life

Pro-Life Action League

Republican National Coalition for Life

Rutherford Institute

Susan B. Anthony List

Resource Materials

National Right to Life Committee

Life Issues Institute

Elliot Institute

Life Dynamics

Heritage House 76

American Life League

Life Decisions International