IRTL Mission

Our Mission

It is our mission to encompass within the protection of our laws all human life, born and unborn, at all stages of biological development from fertilization to natural death. We join with each other in this common objective in the shared belief that every human life has inherent value and is entitled to be treated with dignity and respect without regard to age, health, sex, mental or physical limitations, condition of dependency, circumstances of birth or economic circumstances.

We are further committed to fostering and promoting public support for responsible life affirming alternatives to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. We will oppose any policies, practices or procedures that dehumanize or otherwise marginalize any category of human life specifically including medically vulnerable persons such as infants, the elderly, the disabled and those suffering from chronic or terminal illness.

We are committed to obtaining the aforementioned objectives by lawful activity including educational, legislative, advocacy and political action.

Robert C. Dopf 04/30/2012