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Pro-Lifers come from a diverse group of faiths, united in our value for human life and the common belief in each individual’s fundamental right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Below are materials available from Iowa Right to Life to help generate excitement for the life cause, plus great events to involve your church.  Make a difference for life!

Pro-Life Materials Available:

Bulletin Inserts and Announcements: Iowa Right to Life provides pro-life bulletin inserts for churches statewide and around the country on a variety of issues.


Iowa Right to Life would like to get life-saving 1-800 posters for teens up in schools and churches across Iowa. The posters direct people to pregnancy centers instead of Planned Parenthood.

Baby Crosses:

To provide a visual impact of the shocking numbers of human lives lost to abortion, Iowa Right to Life supplies a display of hundreds of small crosses, to be placed in a yard or field along with a large sign that says, “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart.”

Pro-Life Events:

 National Sanctity of Life Day (January):

Usually the Sunday before January 22nd, Roe vs. Wade anniversary. Organize services or events at your church that help people reflect on the value of human life at all stages.

Prayer for Life (January):

Pro-life groups, churches, and legislators from around the state gather each January at the Iowa State Capitol building to pray for the reversal of Roe v. Wade.

40 Days for Life (Spring and Fall):

40 Days for Life is a peaceful prayer vigil that takes place outside abortion clinics all over the world.  The prayerful presence has saved countless lives and caused many abortion industry workers to leave the abortion industry.  For more info, go to

Right to Life Book Sales (Spring and Fall): 

Collect donations of gently-used books, CDs, videos, DVDs, cassettes and records for the popular Right to Life Book Sale. Why not coordinate a church trip to the book sale? Be sure to leave room on the bus for all your terrific finds!

National Right to Life Conference (Summer):

Hear world-class speakers, get the facts on upcoming issues, and network with Pro-lifers from around the country! For more info, go to

Life Chain (October): 

Join neighbors and friends of all faiths to form a “Life Chain” along a busy street in your area to demonstrate support for life. The Life Chains usually take place on Pro-Life Sunday, the first Sunday in October.

Pro-Life Baby Showers (Any time):

Throw a Pro-Life Baby Shower at your church to benefit a local pro-life pregnancy center. Have guests donate much-needed items such as diapers, baby lotion, baby shampoo, baby powder, baby blankets, baby bottles, bibs, clothes, teething rings, socks, and booties.

For more info on Pro-Life Events, check out Iowa RTL’s Events section.

Have a great pro-life event at your church? Send Iowa RTL your info and photos to to be featured on and in our newsletter! Or by mail to: Iowa Right to Life, 130 E 3rd St. Suite 101, Des Moines, IA 50309