Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed

Planned Parenthood’s sex education is neither age-appropriate nor medically accurate.

Planned Parenthood has no place in Iowa’s schools, distributing sex ed materials or as guest speakers, because Planned Parenthood is not qualified.

“We educate groups about sexuality while making sure it is age-appropriate and medically accurate.”

— PPGI CEO Jill June, in Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa’s Annual Report, Fiscal year 2005-2006)


Parents and Schools should reject Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed Programs because:

1) Planned Parenthood Sexual Information is Not Medically Accurate

2) Planned Parenthood Promotes Unsafe Sex Practices to Kids

3) Planned Parenthood’s Condom-driven Education Does Not Work

4) Planned Parenthood has a Conflict of Interest


1) Planned Parenthood’s Sexual Information is Not Medically Accurate

Planned Parenthood’s materials on sex education contain false and misleading information.

Planned Parenthood is wrong on reproduction:

Planned Parenthood’s version

“The pre-embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus. This is called implantation — the beginning of pregnancy. It happens about six days after fertilization. The pre-embryo becomes an embryo about eight days after implantation.” (From

Medically Accurate:

Pregnancy takes place at conception – when the egg is fertilized by the sperm. At this point, before implantation, there is a genetically complete, totally unique human being. Planned Parenthood wants to redefine when pregnancy begins, to mislead women into thinking that emergency contraception and other forms of birth control do not cause abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s version:

“We know for sure that the embryo or fetus cannot perceive pain in the nearly 99 percent of all abortions that occur before the 20th week of pregnancy. It is even possible that a fetus is unable to perceive pain at any time during pregnancy.” (From

Medically Accurate:

Babies in the womb may feel pain as early as 10 weeks and can definitely feel pain by the fifth month (20 weeks) of pregnancy. The mechanisms for transmitting pain are well-developed by 20 weeks but the mechanisms for inhibiting pain are not well-developed until well after birth. Both a fetus and a newborn feel pain more intensely than an adult.

Planned Parenthood is wrong on women’s health:

Planned Parenthood’s version:

“Some people who oppose a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions claim that abortion often causes long-lasting emotional problems, or “post-abortion syndrome.” There is no scientific proof for these claims.”

Medically Accurate:

For Planned Parenthood to ignore post-abortion syndrome shows they have an agenda – not concern for women’s health. There are enough studies, polls and health professionals to verify that post-abortion syndrome does exist and sometimes leads women to self-destructive behavior, such as eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, even suicide. It is impossible to ignore all of the women speaking out on post-abortion syndrome from groups like Silent No More, Project Rachel, Rachel’s Vineyard and American Victims of Abortion. More on Post Abortion Syndrome.

Planned Parenthood is wrong on Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Planned Parenthood’s version:

“Latex condoms and female condoms offer protection against most serious sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.”(From

Medically Accurate:

Condoms provide no risk reduction at all for some dangerous infections, such as HPV and herpes. Condoms have a built-in failure rate (“method-failure”). It is also unrealistic, statistically speaking, to assume condoms will be used consistently and correctly by adolescents (“user-failure”). 11 percent of women using condoms get pregnant every year. For HIV, risk reduction is only 80 percent, even if condoms are used 100 percent of the time. (Source: In addition, a National Institutes of Health study found no evidence that condoms help prevent chlamydia and syphilis.

Iowa’s school children deserve better than to be indoctrinated with Planned Parenthood’s medically inaccurate, agenda-based information.


2) Planned Parenthood Promotes Unsafe Sex to Kids

Do not be duped by Planned Parenthood’s talk about “comprehensive” sex ed programming that includes abstinence. Planned Parenthood fought for the elimination of abstinence only-education in Iowa. Abstinence is bad for business.

Planned Parenthood’s Definition of “Safer Sex”

Here is an example of Planned Parenthood including an abstinence message for teens in an article titled, “Safe Sex 101” on Planned Parenthood’s former website Teenwire:

Abstinence — not having any sex play — is the only thing that is 100 percent effective against infection, but there are many types of sex play that are considered lower-risk activities. These include:

mutual masturbation

erotic massage

body rubbing


oral sex

vaginal intercourse with a latex or female condom

anal intercourse with a latex or female condom

While some infections can only be transmitted by exchanging body fluids, others can also be transmitted through sex play that involves skin-to-skin contact, such as body rubbing without clothes. Don’t have contact with a partner who has visible sores, lesions, or growths that could be the sign of an infection, and don’t have sexual contact with anyone during an outbreak of herpes.

(Source: Planned Parenthood’s former website Teenwire)

Did you catch the abstinence message in there?

Most parents in Iowa do not expect a “comprehensive” sex ed program for teens to encourage things like oral sex, mutual masturbation and erotic massage. But this is exactly what Planned Parenthood means by “safer sex.”

In addition, Planned Parenthood’s former website Teenwire pushes teenagers to pursue anal sex, “fingering,” multiple partners, and the use of sex toys and pornography. The website is full of cartoon graphics to appeal to children (think “Joe Camel”).

Here are more quotes for teens on Planned Parenthood’s former website Teenwire:

“It is important to keep any sex toy clean. Condoms can be used on toys that go into the vagina or anus. Condoms need to be used if partners want to share the same toy, especially if a woman is menstruating. Use a new condom for each partner — and for each part of the body.”

“In any case, many people enjoy using pornography or erotica as a part of their sex play — alone or with a partner.”

Planned Parenthood talks about “age appropriate” but at what age is it okay to push sex toys, pornography and mutual masturbation on teens? Planned Parenthood’s definition of “age appropriate” is not the same as Iowa parents’.

Planned Parenthood wants to sexualize children at a young age. In most school systems in Iowa, sex education classes begin in the sixth grade. Planned Parenthood wants them to start in Kindergarten.

In the Educational Resources section on, under the heading, “How to Talk with Your Child About Sex,” Planned Parenthood reveals its twisted thinking on what is “age appropriate:”

Birth to Two:

“All babies explore their bodies. They learn quickly that touching their sex organs feels good. This is a natural and normal part of their development. They should be allowed to enjoy this.”

Three to Five

“Toddlers are often curious about the bodies of their parents and other children. They may play “doctor” to look at each other’s sex organs. This is a normal way for kids to find out differences and learn about their sexuality. We can choose to allow it or not. But it won’t help to punish children for being normal.”

“Most kids touch their sex organs for pleasure. Masturbation is very common during this time. We must reassure kids that it is normal to masturbate — but only in private.”

Five to Seven

Sexual fantasies about family members of both genders are common, too. Kids may find these thoughts upsetting. We must reassure them that just dreaming or thinking about things doesn’t make them happen.

Eight to 12:

“Kids are fascinated with the way their bodies change. It’s common for them to look at and less common for them to touch each other’s sex organs. When normal touching occurs it is infrequent. This exploration is one of the ways they may learn that their bodies are normal. They may do this with friends of both genders.”

From age 13-18

“Teens must learn how to say “no” and understand what “safer sex” is. “Safer-sex” activities lower the risk of spreading sexually transmitted infections. They should also know about birth control methods.”


Again, we refer you back to Planned Parenthood’s definition of “safer sex” activities above.

(If you think these quotes might be taken out of context, we invite you to read the whole thing at in the “Educational Materials” section.)

Planned Parenthood’s values are not consistent with the values of Iowa parents.


3) Planned Parenthood’s Condom-driven Education Does Not Work

When Planned Parenthood uses the word “prevention,” they mean “condom distribution.” There are very few issues that Planned Parenthood does not throw condoms at.

But when it comes to the prevention of teen pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections, throwing condoms at teens does not work.

Planned Parenthood was even caught distributing faulty condoms. In February of 2005, Consumer Reports published a study on 23 different varieties of condoms and found that two of Planned Parenthood’s own brand were the least reliable – they would leak, they would break more than any others in the study.

As shown in the “Not Medically Accurate” section above, Planned Parenthood overstates the safety of using condoms to lure teens into a false sense of security and increase their sexual activity

But “Safer-Sex” Programs increase sexually transmitted diseases (STD). At a public health conference held December 2003 in Washington DC, doctors cited evidence of an epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among the nation’s teenagers, and cited “safe-sex” programs and condom-distribution as contributing factors of the problem. (News 12/24/03)

Planned Parenthood also claims that it prevents abortions through contraception. But according to the Allan Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood’s own research arm,

• 54% of abortions are performed on women who used contraception that month

• 8% of abortions are performed on women who have never used contraception

Planned Parenthood’s educational services increase Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

From 2001 to 2006, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa’s income from “Educational services” more than doubled. So with all that “prevention” info out there, Planned Parenthood’s abortions should have decreased in Iowa? Wrong. Planned Parenthood’s abortion business saw almost a 50 percent increase. According to its Annual Reports, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa performed 2,898 abortions in its Fiscal Year 2001-2002 and 4,167 abortions in its Fiscal Year 2005-2006 report.

(Source: PPGI’s Annual Reports, Fiscal Years July 1, 2001- June 30, 2002 through July 1, 2005- June 30, 2006.)

Parents do not want Planned Parenthood’s condom-driven education. In a 2004 Zogby poll, 96 percent of parents said that sex-ed classes should teach that abstinence from sexual activity is best for teens. Only 7 percent of parents approved of teaching teens its okay to have sex, as long as they use condoms to protect against pregnancy and disease. (Source: Bridget Maher, Analyst for the Family Research Council, “Why Wait: The Benefits of Abstinence Until Marriage.”)


4) Planned Parenthood Has a Conflict of Interest

Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in marketing its unsafe sex practices in Iowa schools and directing students to their clinics for services. That conflict alone should disqualify them from having sex ed materials and speakers in Iowa schools.

The majority of Planned Parenthood’s clients are between the ages of 12 and 24.

Planned Parenthood’s sex education pushes teens in the direction of their services.

Many teen women prefer hormonal injections because they are very private. However, there is debate about possible long-term health risks for teenagers.


Planned Parenthood’s former website Teenwire also gave teens information on how to circumvent their parents:

“You don’t have to tell your boyfriend, parents, or anyone else that you had an abortion.”

“In general, parental permission is not needed for prescription methods of birth control like the pill. “

More on how Planned Parenthood circumvents parents.


Take Action: Kick Planned Parenthood Out of Your Schools

Planned Parenthood is already in our schools.

Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa’s Educational Staff provided education programming to 326 groups in their 2005-2006 fiscal year, according to PPGI’s Annual Report, including:

• Sioux City School District

• Davenport Public Schools

• Fort Dodge School District

• North High School in Des Moines

Planned Parenthood has also had speakers at West High School in Iowa City. The Emma Goldman Abortion Clinic (which is not related to Planned Parenthood) in Iowa City provided educational programming and distributed “Safer Sex Kits” in the Iowa City School District.

The National Education Association endorses Planned Parenthood.


What You Can Do

• Meet with the school board, the school principal and other administrators.

Gather a group of like-minded parents to take part.

Insist on the following:

No Planned Parenthood speakers at your schools.

No counselors or administrators transporting students to Planned Parenthood without knowledge of the parents.

No Planned Parenthood condoms or “safer sex kits” handed out at school.

No distribution of Planned Parenthood products or literature through the school nurse’s office or counselors.

• Show examples of Planned Parenthood’s medically inaccurate info, promotion of child sexual activity and cover-up for sexual predators.

• Be vigilant of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in youth activities at local organizations like the Girl Scouts or YWCA.

The Girl Scouts national organization has given awards to members of Planned Parenthood and invited Planned Parenthood to speak at its national and state conventions for girls.

• Support the efforts of Professional Educators of Iowa, an organization that promotes an alternative for teachers who oppose the National Education Association’s (NEA) pro-abortion agenda.

More on How to Fight Planned Parenthood.


Success Stories

The Missouri Legislature passed a law kicking Planned Parenthood speakers out of the public schools in Missouri. The same law requires abortion clinics to come up to the same standards as ambulatory surgical clinics (same day surgery clinics). Missouri Governor signed the bill into law July 6, 2007.

A group of 75 teachers and students protested at the National Education Association (NEA) Annual Convention in Philadelphia July 1, 2007. Many of the delegates to the convention expressed surprise, because they were not aware of the NEA’s financial support for Planned Parenthood or participation in a number of pro-abortion rallies. Bob Pawson, a computer science teacher from New Jersey, who is a coordinator of Pro-Life Educators and Students (PLEAS), is asking for the NEA to become neutral on the abortion issue. “Respect the diversity of 3.2 million members,” said Pawson, according to LifeSite News.