Planned Parenthood’s Goals

An average of 12 children disappear from Iowa every day, due to Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa (PPGI). That is the human cost of abortions in Iowa. Here is a closer look at Planned Parenthood and its goals.

1. Planned Parenthood Wants MORE Abortions

Abortion is BIG BUSINESS for Planned Parenthood.


• Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion provider in the United States.

• Planned Parenthood is responsible for one in five abortions in the United States.

• Planned Parenthood’s clinic income was over $345 million in 2006 – over a third is from abortions.

In Iowa…

• Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion provider in the state of Iowa.

• Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa aborts an average of 12 children per day in Iowa.

• Over half the abortions in Iowa are performed by Planned Parenthood.

• Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa performed 4,397 abortions in their fiscal year ending in 2007. Estimating the cost of an average abortion to be around $400, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa could rake in more than $1.76 million annually, abortions.

Abortion is an ugly business. That is why Planned Parenthood bureaucrats try to downplay its abortions. For example, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa CEO Jill June, told the Muscatine Journal there’s much more to Planned Parenthood than abortions:

“We also provide adoption services. We provide sexual assault exams, where we work with county attorney offices and local law enforcement to perform forensic exams,” she said.

(Source: Muscatine Journal, 12/8/06)

Let’s look at the numbers. In their fiscal year 2005-2006, Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa shows the following:

Abortions: 4,397

Adoption Placements: 4

In fact, while abortion numbers have been dropping across the country, Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers are on the rise nationally and here in Iowa. PPGI’s 4,397 abortions from their fiscal year ending in 2007 are up from 2,898 abortions in their fiscal year ending in 2001.

PPGI’s Abortions

Abortion is a significant money maker for Planned Parenthood nationally and here in Iowa.

It is also noteworthy that while Jill June talks about working with law enforcement, Planned Parenthood has a well-documented history of avoiding the law and protecting sexual predators.

More on How Planned Parenthood Shields Sexual Predators


2. Planned Parenthood Wants MORE Money


That was Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa’s total Income for their Fiscal Year ending in 2007. Planned Parenthood is primarily an abortion dealer. But they will take in money any way they can. Here are some of PPGI’s Income Sources in their annual report:

Medicaid services (your tax dollars): $4,101,653.89

Government grants (your tax dollars): $1,141,214.71

Public donations: $3,050,793.54

Book sales: $367,265.87

Educational services: $30,170.90

(Source: PPGI’s Annual Report, Fiscal Year Fiscal Year July 1, 2006-June 30, 2007)

PPGI’s Public Donations

Did you know that Prairie Meadows gives Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa $10,000 a year? And that the owners of Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines and Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville are big donors of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa?

Some of PPGI’s public supporters may surprise you. That is why we have detailed a few of them on our Planned Parenthood’s Supporters page.

PPGI’s Taxpayer Funded Income

It is hard to believe that Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa takes in over $5.2 million in tax money per year. Some of the programs being funded are even more unbelievable:

• PPGI’s Teen Theater Troupe “Acting Out” is funded by a generous grant from the Iowa Department of Human Services.

• PPGI distributes condoms to girls as young as 13 (8th grade), through Planned Parenthood’s PlanSmart program which is paid for by the Iowa Family Planning Network (IFPN), which in turn is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. More on Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funded Income.

3. Planned Parenthood Wants Abortion on Demand Through All Nine Months of a Pregnancy

Planned Parenthood is so extreme, it will fight even the most commonsense laws to further its abortion agenda.

“Today is a dark day for women’s health and safety.”

That was what PPGI CEO Jill June said in reaction to the Supreme Court’s Gonzales v. Carhart decision April 18, 2007, upholding the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban. Planned Parenthood lost its battle to keep legal the grisly procedure that even the American Medical Association said was not medically necessary.

And Planned Parenthood is still fighting to have partial-birth abortions re-instated. But now that everyone knows what it is, there probably will not be a huge demand for having a live child pulled halfway out of the womb and killing it before it is completely removed from the birth canal. A dark day, indeed.

Planned Parenthood also opposes the following legislation:

Parental Consent or Parental Notification legislation for underage girls seeking an abortion.

• Federal Child Custody Protection legislation prohibiting the transportation of minors across state lines for abortions to avoid parental notification laws.

Women’s Right to Know legislation offering women seeking an abortion, info on abortion alternatives and fetal development.

Ultrasound legislation providing a woman seeking an abortion the option to view ultrasound images of her child

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act treating a woman and her unborn child who are victims of violence as two victims instead of one.

Opposition to such legislation is evidence Planned Parenthood will go to extremes to guard its abortion business.

More on how Planned Parenthood Hurts Women

4. Planned Parenthood Promotes Child Sexual Activity

Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in children having sex. The more children have sex and sex play, the more pregnancies there will be – and that’s good for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

Planned Parenthood often talks about “age appropriate, medically accurate” sexual health education and “safer sex.” On Planned Parenthood’s website, these terms mean promoting oral sex, anal sex, “fingering,” multiple partners, erotic massage, sex toys and pornography to teenagers. TeenWire, which is full of cartoon graphics (think “Joe Camel”) instructs minors on how to get abortions and birth control without their parents’ knowledge.

In fact, in’s “Ask the Experts” section, teens are told:

“You don’t have to tell your boyfriend, parents, or anyone else that you had an abortion.”

No parents. That’s the way Planned Parenthood likes it.

Life Dynamics did a study in 2002, calling 800 abortion clinics across the country, including all Planned Parenthood clinics, posing as a 13-year-old pregnant by her 22 year-old boyfriend – clearly, a case of statutory rape. Out of 800 cases – 90 percent of the time – the abortion clinics acknowledged the illegality of the caller’s sexual relationship then agreed to conceal it. Life Dynamics has them all on tape.

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Iowa City went one step further, telling the 13-year-old, “you will pay cash for this if you have this abortion, and there is no paper trail.”

Planned Parenthood is also on MySpace, scoping for your kids. On Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa’s MySpace page, the large, opening graphic says, “Ask us about free birth control.” It is an advertisement for PPGI’s taxpayer funded website, which peddles birth control to Iowa residents as young as 13 years-old.

Planned Parenthood’s PlanSmart program is funded through the Iowa Department of Public Health’s Family Planning program.

More on how Planned Parenthood Hurts Children.

5. Planned Parenthood Wants Sex Ed That Will Sexualize Children

Planned Parenthood has condemned “abstinence only education” in Iowa schools and promotes its own “medically accurate” sex education programs, which they say address both abstinence and birth control.”

Here is an example of Planned Parenthood including “abstinence” in their educational materials. It’s an excerpt from an article targeting teens called “Safer Sex 101” from Planned Parenthood’s

Abstinence — not having any sex play — is the only thing that is 100 percent effective against infection, but there are many types of sex play that are considered lower-risk activities. These include:

• mutual masturbation

• erotic massage

• body rubbing

• kissing

• oral sex

• vaginal intercourse with a latex or female condom

• anal intercourse with a latex or female condom

While some infections can only be transmitted by exchanging body fluids, others can also be transmitted through sex play that involves skin-to-skin contact, such as body rubbing without clothes. Don’t have contact with a partner who has visible sores, lesions, or growths that could be the sign of an infection, and don’t have sexual contact with anyone during an outbreak of herpes.

(Source: )

Did you get the abstinence message for teens in there? We believe this is not what most parents want for their children in a “medically accurate sex education” program.

Do not be duped by Planned Parenthood’s talk about “comprehensive” sex ed programming that includes abstinence. Planned Parenthood wants to sexualize children at a young age. More child and teen sex activity leads to more abortions for Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in marketing its unsafe sex practices in Iowa schools and directing students to their clinics for services. Iowa’s children and teens deserve better! More on Planned Parenthood’s Sex Ed.

6. Planned Parenthood Wants To Keep Women in the Dark

The less women know, the more Planned Parenthood makes. Planned Parenthood’s information on Sex, Contraception and Abortion serves their own purpose – repeat business.

Here is what Planned Parenthood DOES NOT Want Women to Know:

Ultrasound/Sonogram Images

“The bottom line is no woman is going to want an abortion after she sees a sonogram.”

That is how one abortion clinic director put it to The New York Times.

Advances in ultrasound technology frighten all abortion businesses, because it affects their bottom line. These images show that the baby in the womb is more than a mass of tissue or clump of cells. That is why Planned Parenthood will battle any attempts to offer ultrasound images for women considering abortion.

Fetal Development

• A baby’s heart begins to beat at 24 days.

• Facial Features appear at five weeks.

• The baby has permanent and individual fingerprints at nine weeks.

• A baby can smile, suck her thumb and make a fist at twelve weeks.

• The baby is listening and responding and beginning to actively move at five months.

On the website, post-abortive teenagers frequently cite not having enough information on fetal development.

“Had I been counseled properly concerning the pain I would feel and the facts about the development of my unborn child, I doubt that I would have chosen abortion.” – Brittany

“The family planning clinic I went to for counseling never suggested another alternative. I was given absolutely no information about the development of the baby. In fact, I was told it was a ‘walnut-sized mass of tissue.” – Jenna

“I was never told anything about the risks, not about the pain, and certainly not about the development of the tiny human inside me.” – Sherry

Planned Parenthood wants to downplay the humanity of the child in the womb at all costs. So desperate is Planned Parenthood, that they even tried to block Laci’s Law (The Unborn Victims of Violence Act), passed in 2004, which treated the murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn child as two murder victims, instead of one. Without the law, a person who attacked a pregnant woman and killed her unborn baby could only be charged with assault – not murder.

How could any organization that claims to champion women object to this? Planned Parenthood’s then president Gloria Feldt did, because it was “creating legal personhood for the fetus.”

Emotional Cost of Abortion

Planned Parenthood says “Post Abortion Syndrome” does not exist.

There are enough studies, polls and health professionals to verify that post-abortion syndrome does exist and sometimes leads women to self-destructive behavior, including suicide. For Planned Parenthood to ignore the emotional pain of these women could be the same as a death sentence. Pro-Life groups such as Silent No More, Project Rachel, Rachel’s Vineyard, The Sisters of Life and American Victims of Abortion are picking up the emotional pieces Planned Parenthood left behind. More on Post Abortion Syndrome.

Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood calls themselves “Your trusted provider of health information and services,” its and contains a great deal of medically inaccurate info.

More on Planned Parenthood’s Medically Inaccurate info.

7. Planned Parenthood Fights Against Safety or Medical Standards

Planned Parenthood clinics are not regulated. They do not have to meet the same medical, safety or sanitation standards as other outpatient surgical clinics.


Missouri passed a law in 2007 requiring abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as ambulatory surgery centers, which are clinics that provide same-day, outpatient surgical procedures. Abortion clinics which must meet the standards are those that perform second and third trimester abortions as well as those that perform more than five first trimester abortions per month.

The Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Missouri website oppose the law because it will “impose unnecessary regulation on abortion clinics.” Safety and sanitation – these are unnecessary? The bill also bans Planned Parenthood speakers from the public schools.

Researcher Kevin Sherlock documented over 140 lawsuits against Planned Parenthood in his 1997 book, The Scarlet Survey, for abuses such as unsanitary conditions, health code violations, medical malpractice, equipment deficiency, fraudulent billing, altered lab reports, sex offenses and more.

(Source: STOPP “Wednesday STOPP Report,” 10/12/05)

More on how Planned Parenthood is Unregulated

8. Planned Parenthood Believes in Eugenics – Eliminating “Human Weeds”

“Every single case of inherited defect, every malformed child, every congenitally tainted human being brought into this world is of infinite importance to that poor individual; but it is of scarcely less importance to the rest of us and to all of our children who must pay in one way or another for these biological and racial mistakes”

(Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger, “Pivot of Civilization,” p. 274).

Planned Parenthood’s dirty little secret is that it was founded in the United States in 1916 by Margaret Sanger, a proponent of the Eugenics movement, who wanted to purify the human race through birth control, sterilization and abortion. Sanger’s targets for birth control and forced sterilization included the poor, blind, deaf, mute, epileptics, “feeble-minded” and alcoholics.

In writings and lectures, Sanger dehumanized the poor and disabled as “human weeds,” “parasites,” “defectives,” “mistakes” and “a dead weight of human waste.”

Sanger’s Birth Control Review had as its cover story in December of 1921: “Birth Control: To Create a Race of Thoroughbreds.” Sanger’s publication was well-known for Nazi propaganda and articles by Nazi officials. She later organized the first World Population Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 1927.

Today, Planned Parenthood continues to live Margaret Sanger’s mission to contracept and abort the poor out of existence:

• Planned Parenthood identifies “women of color” as on of their core clients.

• 70 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clinics are located in or Hispanic neighborhoods.

• Planned Parenthood’s research affiliate, the Alan Guttmacher Institute found black women’s abortion rates are nearly triple those of white women.

• 56 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients are below poverty level. 67 percent of Planned Parenthood’s clients are 24 years-old or younger. (Most college students and high school students do not have an income that will put them above poverty levels.)

More on Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger.

9. Planned Parenthood Wants Global Population Control

“…to provide leadership in encouraging other countries to address population issues”

(Source: Planned Parenthood’s “Mission and Policy Statements on

Planned Parenthood is true to its founder Margaret Sanger’s population control roots.

International Planned Parenthood Federation participates in population control conferences and is closely linked to the United Nation’s Fund for Population Activities, a group that the U.S. defunded because of its ties to China’s forced abortion policies.

As many as 200 million girls are missing around the world, due to the slaughter of female children through sex-selection abortions and infanticide. China’s one-child policy and forced abortions, have made it one of the world’s biggest violators of human rights.

Despite this, China was made an official member of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 2006, according to China Daily, China’s English language newspaper. To become a member, China met 65 of IPPF’s criteria on sexual reproductive health issues after extensive research and exchanges with the association. In 2006, IPPF gave China $250,000.

International Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s income in 2006 was $107.4 million – a 34 percent increase from five years ago. IPPF is funded by government grants, private donations and foundations such as:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Levi Strauss Foundation

Nike Foundation

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

David and Lucille Packard Foundation

Rockefeller Foundation

International Planned Parenthood works with 151 member associations in 180 countries. 82.5 percent of IPPF member associations perform abortions. Planned Parenthood is working to expand that reach.

10. Planned Parenthood Wants Political Power

Planned Parenthood flexes its financial muscle in political campaigns for pro-abortion politicians and attack campaigns against pro-life politicians, judges and appointed officials. No language is too extreme for an organization that refers to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and Chief Justice John G. Roberts as “terrorists.”

The Planned Parenthood Federal PAC distributed over $600,000 to pro-abortion candidates for the 2004 elections and Iowa was one of their “core states,” according to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund 2004 Election Report.

For their “Stand Up for Choice Iowa Caucus Campaign,” Planned Parenthood shipped in out-of-state Planned Parenthood staff to call thousands of voters, go door to door and attend events in Iowa. The fact that they needed to import staff, shows they had trouble recruiting Iowans. It also shows the lengths they will go to push their abortion agenda on Iowans.

Planned Parenthood targeted over 14,000 voters in Iowa with mailings and repeated phone calls prior to the 2004 elections. In the 2000 Presidential elections, Planned Parenthood spent over $10 million dollars in radio and TV advertising to push their pro-abortion agenda.

Get Involved in the Fight Against Planned Parenthood!

Pro-lifers have always been effective at grassroots marketing. Now it is more important than ever to get involved – preparing for the Iowa Caucuses, organizing your neighborhoods, churches, community groups and backing the pro-life candidates.

Visit our Get Involved section for ways you can help save lives with Iowa Right to Life and assist the women hurt by abortion.

For more on how to stop Planned Parenthood from stealing our tax dollars and pushing their pro-abortion, condom driven education on our kids, visit our Fight Planned Parenthood page.