Voter’s Corner

Iowa Right to Life is happy to provide you with this list of candidates whose responses to our questions show a position which is consistent with a pro-life ethic for the 2020 Election.

 We provide this to give you information about individuals who are running for office as you consider who you might wish to support with your vote and in any other way. This listing of candidates is based on their responses to our recent questionnaire about pro-life issues and/ or have demonstrated their pro-life stance by their voting record.In cases where more than one candidate is listed for a specific race, they are listed in alphabetical order by their last name. To find out what are your Iowa House and Senate districts, and U.S. House district, use the website of the Secretary of State: Enter your address and the website will give you the information about the districts you live. *Denotes candidates evaluated using only questionnaire.

Revision 6 (10/28/2020)


Additional candidates who have answered since last revision:

Senate District 22: Scott Campbell Cirksena*

Iowa House of Representatives 

Additional candidates who have answered since last revision:

House District 53: Simon Thomas Abela*


 There are 95 judges statewide that will appear on the 2020 general election ballot for a retention vote. This document provides information about these judges. Iowa is divided into eight judicial districts. A chief judge, who is selected by the Iowa Supreme Court, heads each district.